Their Plan

They have an agenda to move us to a One-World financial system which they will control.

A one-world government which will dissolve national sovereignty and rights.

And most importantly to them, a one-world religions system where they seek to combine Judaism, Islam and Christianity, in the name of peace.

Of course their real goal is to be the dictators that control the world, to eliminate all religions except their Luciferian system, and to eliminate all people who resist, namely Christians.

They Will Continue To Invade Countries And Steal Their Resources

They have already invaded and looted Iraq and Libya of their oil and gold.

They will invade Syria next.

Then they will attack Iran.

Draw back to Israel.

They Will Crash The World Economy And Offer A One-World Financial System

Paper money has no value except what they say it has.  It’s not backed by gold or silver.

They control the Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and all the major banks and financial institutions.

They can contract the money supply anytime they want to crash the economy, just like they did before the Great Depression, only this time it will be global.

They Will Push The World Towards WWIII And Then Offer A Peace Solution

WWII will pit Islamic countries/Islam against Israel/Judaism, and it will get so bad that the world will want a solution to end the chaos.




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