The U.S. economy is on the brink of collapse, and insiders say that the U.S. Dollar will be dead by the end of 2012.

The Dollar will still exist, but it will be practically worthless, just like other ‘fiat’ paper currencies of countries that have failed in the past.

This means that ALL paper assets will be worthless too… your stocks, bonds, IRA’s and 401k’s.

Of course you don’t hear any of this from the mainstream media, because they are owned by the same elite bankers who are stealing our wealth.

Gold and silver are the ONLY true currency.

HSBC, JP Morgan and the Bank of China have suppressed the price of gold and silver for many years to prop up the U.S. Dollar, which has served as the world’s reserve currency.

Currently they are keeping prices low, so that they can move all of their assets into precious metals.

But once the economy fails and the value of the Dollar goes into free fall, silver and gold will skyrocket, as they will be the only safe haven.

Silver Eagle - Silver Bullion CoinPersonally, I am purchasing Silver Eagles, because they contain 1 troy ounce of silver and are well-known to any dealer, so that you can sell them easily.

Expect to pay $2-$5 over the current spot price of silver.
The more ounces you buy, the better the price.

Silver Eagles – Silver Bullion Coins Green BoxSE’s come from the US Mint in a sealed green ‘monster’ box of 500, which contain twenty-five 20-packs.

A common way to purchase SE’s is in a 20-pack.

Mike Maloney’s company sells green boxes of 500 and 20-packs online.

Guide To Investing In Gold And Silver - Mike MaloneyWhen you purchase from Mike Maloney, who is an expert on gold and silver, you also get his customer newsletters, to keep you informed on the market, so that you know if and when to sell.

Click here to watch a video from Mike about silver and gold investing, and to purchase silver and gold from his company



I am NOT a financial adviser. I am not qualified in any way to provide you, or anyone else with advice about money or investing.

‘Prepare, Protect And Pray” is a personal diary about my journey to acquire “wealth literacy”, so that you can learn from my successes and lessons learned.

If you invest in gold and silver after reading this, and it drops by 50% the following week, DO NOT look at me. This is your money, your decision, and 100% your responsibility.

If you are not willing to accept 100% of the responsibility for your decisions, then you should not be investing your money. You should hand it over to a professional adviser and let them invest it according to your demographics and risk tolerance.

I am NOT telling you to invest in gold and silver. I am telling you that “I” am buying it, and I am completely at peace with the fact that I could lose all of my money based on my decisions.

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