Protect Your Mind

Your mind is under attack to control your thoughts and actions.

They misinform you about what’s happening to move us towards their New World Order.

They cause you to be ‘dumbed down’, so that you don’t fight back.

TV programming is purposely designed to condition your mind and desensitize it to death, violence, and moral degradation, so that when you see it in the real world, you’re not shocked or moved by it anymore.

The words in music also program your mind, to accept what they are saying as true.

Like a computer, your mind consciously and subconsciously takes in all of the information that you feed it, and it modifies your operating instructions accordingly, so that you become your thoughts.

This is why Paul told us in Phillipians 4:8, to focus on “whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy–meditate on these things.”

The Solution: Stop watching shows about death, violence and sex.  Stop listening to music that promotes sex and violence.

Study and meditate daily on scripture, to feed your mind the words of truth.

They Attack Your Mind And Heart To Create Fear

When you’re filled with fear, you can become paralyzed or depressed, so that you don’t take action and fight back.

When you read or watch their controlled news programs, you can be filled with fear regarding the stock market and your finances, regarding natural disasters, regarding potential new wars, etc.

Even people like Alex Jones, who provides relevant information, creates fear in your mind.  He focus on all that’s bad (and rightly so to wake up the sleeping masses), but does little to offer solutions and hope.

They Mislead You With Disinformation Agents

They fill the airwaves with their supposedly conservative “controlled opposition” agents, such as Bill O’Reilly (Fox News), Sean Hannity (Fox News), Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, etc.

These people act like they represent the conservative perspective, so you think that you have leaders who are fighting against the evil men.

But they only give you fractions of the truth.  They focus on the puppet show, like the battle between Republicans and Democrats, but they never show you who is controlling the puppets.  That’s because the news outlets are owned by the evil men.

Physical Attacks On Your Mind

Electromagnetic Frequencies – EMF affect our ability to focus, concentrate, and connect spiritually.

The electromagnetic field they create disturbs your brainwave patterns, and makes it difficult for your mind to achieve the deeper alpha and theta states conducive with relaxing deeply and hearing your inner voice).

Solution: Reduce the number of electrical devices in your work environment and especially in your bedroom, which affects your quality of sleep.

Get a Himalayan salt lamp, which reduces the EMF in your environment.

Fluoride in the water “calcifies” the pineal gland in your brain and affects your mind like Prozac, which dumbs you down, so that you can’t see the truth and wont fight back. The Nazis experimented with fluoride in their “camps” for a reason.

Solution: Avoid drinking unfiltered tap water or even most bottled water as they are unregulated.

Get a Berkey water filter or a reverse-osmosis water filter, that removes chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals.

Various naturally grown organic products act as very good decalcifiers, “Kale” being one.

Protect Your Heart

The mind and heart are interconnected, and evil influences seek to attack your mind and heart, to cause depression, etc.

King Saul was tormented by evil spirits, and the only time that he had relieve was when David played heavenly music on his harp.

So how do you protect your heart?

Here’s an analogy that may help.  You’ve no doubt experienced being at a stoplight, when a car pulls up with the music playing way too loud and everything around it is vibrating. If you’re like me, you wish to get away from it as soon as possible.

Well, demons react the same way when they hear the name of Jesus, so fill your world with Jesus to annoy them and drive them away(and to nourish your soul).

  • Pray out loud in Jesus name
  • Sing praise and worship songs to Jesus
  • Read Bible verses out loud
  • Play worship music
  • Study the word to feed your mind and heart the words of truth


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