Protect Your Home

Your home can be your greatest asset or liability, depending on if you’ve taken steps to be prepared.

Build A Survival Community

It will be hard to survive alone.  Nobody has all of the skills needed to survive, so you need others who have different skill sets, so that as a community, you can support each other.

There is strength in numbers and you will benefit greatly from the emotional support and security of a community that is looking out for each other.

Get Out Of The City

Worse than the actual crisis, will be the reaction of the government taking control, shutting down city exits, and the people rioting, looting and stealing, so you want to be far away from the chaos.

If possible, move away from the city, so that you don’t have to compete with everyone for food and water, and be exposed to the dangers of desperate people.

The best investment right now may be farmland, as it gives you the ability to move away from the city, grow your own food, pump your own water, and protect yourself.

Moving to a rural area allows you to access water, grow food, raises animals, etc..

Make connections and keep informed to get advanced warning of any crisis in your city.

Live at the periphery of the city, so that you’re away from most of the people, and can make an easier escape.

Once a crisis happens, the main highways out of the city will become parking lots.  Get a physical map and plan out several alternative ways to get out of the city to your place of retreat.  Find roads that go under the freeways with no exit ramps, so that they are not clogged up

Protect Your Home

Criminals like it to be quick and easy, and if you create deterrents and make it difficult to get in, they will choose a different target.

Secure your doors, with deadbolt locks that have strike plates that have 3″ mounting screws to tie into more wood for reinforcement.

Reinforce your windows to prevent easy access.  Secure window well access points.

Light up the main access points of your home.

Place motion-activated lights around your house to surprise and expose criminals, so they flee.

Be a part of a neighborhood watch group.

Another excellent deterrent is a dog.

And if they get in, having a gun is your last chance deterrent.

Short Term Force Multipliers

Night vision gear, intrusion detection sensors, and radio communications equipment are key force multipliers, which give you a big advantage.

Low technologies include items like barbed wire and defensive road cables, to help defend your area.


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