Protect Your Privacy

This page focuses on how to protect your privacy, so that big brother can’t oversee what you’re doing.

Be Aware That They Are Tracking People Who Disagree With Them

What’s the most effective way to collect the names and information about people who who want to end the Fed, overthrow the corrupt government, etc.?

The answer is to track the people who support people like Glenn Beck, Ron Paul, Alex Jones, etc.

They can do this through mailing lists, comments on through Facebook and Twitter, through rally sign-ups, etc.

Because when it comes time for them to enforce martial law, they will gather the people who are the most outspoken and most likely to cause a problem.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t speak up and take action, I’m just making you aware of their strategies.

The Internet provides them with a way to track what you say and do, and that may not seem like a big deal, until they arrest you and use your searches, emails and social media comments as evidence.

Recent laws now allow them to classify people as terrorists just because you want the Fed abolished, disagree with the New World Order agenda, etc.

And most recently, they passed a law that allows the military to take you away for any reason, with no due process, no legal rights, and no time frame for release.

So take some time to review your habits, to make sure that you’re not exposing information that you don’t want to be tracked.

Don’t let them read and record your emails

Stop allowing them to read and record your emails. They’re happy to provide free email service via Gmail, Ymail, Yahoo and Hotmail, because it allows them to read and record your emails.

Use a private email address. Katherine Albrecht from StartPage is working on developing an email service that doesn’t track your information.

Don’t let them track and record your Google searches

If you’re using Google Search, they’re tracking and recording your searches.

Use instead, as they give you the same Google search results, but don’t track your searches.

You can setup StartPage as the default search engine in FireFox.

Be aware that they are tracking you on social media
Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are great social media forums, but just be aware that they track and record your posts, likes and comments.

Don’t let them control or track your cashflow

Credit card purchases are tracked and access to your account can be turned off.

Online purchasing is tracked and it links you to the system, showing what you’re buying.

Shopping local with cash is anonymous, and it supports your local business person, instead of the large corporations like Walmart.

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