Why Should You Take Action Now To Be Prepared?

The world has become more volatile and people who live in cities are especially vulnerable to environmental, economic and societal crisis.

Everyday we turn on the TV and we see disaster and hurt all over the world.

  • Weather is getting more extreme with storms, earthquakes, wildfires, etc.
  • Nuclear accidents like Fukushima can happen near any nuclear facility.
  • Increasing Sun storms could knock out the electrical grid, internet and phones.
  • The true inflation rate is 12%, which is increasing the prices of food and fuel.
  • Worldwide protests and rioting are increasing.
  • A war in the Middle East would cut off oil shipments and double fuel prices.

How long would you survive without electricity, food and water? 

People have become insulated, because they can just go to the store, have heat on demand, water on tap, etc., but the system can collapse fairly easily.

Recent storms knocked out power for more than 3 million people in the middle of a record heat wave on the East coast, where people were without electricity for a week and 22 people died.

If an EMP event from an enemy attack or from a solar geomagnetic storm hit the U.S. power grid, it could cause such destruction that we would be without power for months and even years.

Not only would you be without electricity, but you would lose access to the Internet, mobile phone service, food deliveries to your local store who can’t keep food cold, etc.

This would lead to looting, rioting, a massive increase in violence, starvation, disease, etc.

But once a crisis hits, it’s too late.  By preparing now, you will feel secure knowing that you and your family are protected.

Here’s recent news headlines of how people’s lives are affected everyday. 
Are you prepared to protect yourself and your family?

06/24/12 – Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado caused 32,000 people to be evacuated, destroyed 346 homes and caused 2 deaths.

06/24/12 – The High Park Fire in Colorado has burned 83,205 acres and destroyed approximately 248 homes

06/23/12 – Utah wildfire keeps 2,300 people out of homes, south of Salt Lake City

06/14/12 – Torrential rains pound Taiwan leaving 6 dead and thousands homeless, causing power cuts to 87,000 homes and water shortages to 12,000.

06/12/12 – 46,000 acres have burned in Colorado, causing thousands to evacuate and over 100 structures have burned.

02/06/12 – 43 dead in 6.7 earthquake that leaves the Philippines reeling, as region hit by 6.0 aftershock.

02/02/12 – Severe drought in Mexico leaves 2 million without water – And coupled with a cold snap, the weather has devastated cropland in nearly half of the country.

01/23/12 – 25 Tornadoes Hit South Overnight – Twisters sweep through Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee.

01/20/12 – Nevada Wildfire: 10,000 Residents Evacuated – Raging fires blown by hurricane force winds tear through Reno.

12/28/11 – Finland hammered by powerful storms – 200,000 residents suffer power outages

12/18/11 –  Typhoon kills over 1,000 in the Philippines – hundreds of thousands left homeless.

11/18/11 – State of emergency declared in Reno wildfire – 9,000 residents were under a voluntary evacuation, 20 homes have been lost so far.

11/4/11- Mud rivers in Italy – Flash floods wreak havoc on Italy’s western coast, with 6 dead.

10/30/11 – Historic October Northeast storm – 2/3rds the state New Hampshire and all of New England was without power, some for weeks. At least 38 deaths have been attributed to this disaster.

Earthquakes claimed more than 780,000 lives in the past decade, accounting for nearly 60% of all disaster-related deaths.

And many more people are injured and displaced. “The reported ratios of death-to-injury vary, but across many studies seems to be about 1-to-3.”

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