Prepare For A Water Shortage Crisis

Having access to water is something we take for granted, buy you can’t live long without it, so developing a strategy to have clean water is your top priority.

Natural disasters can hit anytime and cut off our supply.  Underground water aquifers are shrinking and becoming toxic from metals and chemicals.

Tucson, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and other cities, all get water from the Colorado River.  If it gets cut off, these cities will die.

Water Health Tips To Apply Everyday:

Drinking municipal tap water is hazardous for your health, so you need to remove the chlorine, fluoride and other toxins with a quality filter.

Chlorine kills living organisms in the water, which makes it toxic to your body.  It tends to wipe out your intestinal flora, causing digestive issues.

Fluoride in water has NOT been proven to prevent cavities, and it affects your brain like Prozac, dumbing you down, so that you don’t rebel against our corrupt leaders.

A quality reverse osmosis filter will remove chlorine, fluoride and other toxins, and it can be installed at your kitchen sink for easy use.

Chlorine in your shower causes even bigger issues.  During a 10-minute shower, you absorb 600% more chlorine than from drinking tap water all day. It also kills good bacteria on your skin, which can lead skin issues like Eczema.  And it strips moisture, causing dry skin and hair.

The Omica Shower Filter removes chlorine and fluoride.

Water Short Term Emergency Preparedness

Find some carboys (3-5 gallon glass water bottles) to fill with spring water.  Coin in bottle?

When the electricity goes out, the water treatment plant may shut down, so you should fill up your tubs, sinks and storage containers with water.

Big Berkey Water FilterI use the Big Berkey Water Filter with the arsenic/fluoride filter option as my everyday filter, and since it’s very portable, it can go with me in a crisis.

It’s a gravity-fed water filter, so it’s great for quality drinking water.

Major Crisis Emergency Preparedness

If you lose water pressure for an extended period of time or if you’re forced to leave your home, you just need safe drinking water and the Katadyn filters are perfect for this situation.

Top-rated portable Katadyn water filters are used by the military and relief agencies worldwide, to create clean water from rivers, lakes, etc.

Katadyn Pocket Water FilterThe Katadyn Pocket Filter has long been regarded as the “BEST” portable water filter made in the world.

It’s great for a single person or family.

Katadyn Expedition Water FilterThe Katadyn Expedition Filter is ideal for large groups and relief organizations.

It is indestructible and easy to use. It makes carrying large amounts of water (additional weight!) unnecessary in many cases.

The Katadyn Salt Water Filters remove salt and toxins from ocean water, to make it drinkable.

You should add Katadyn Carbon Filters to the output line, to remove additional chemicals and bad taste.

Find A Natural Spring Near You

Click here to go to Online Spring Database

Living Water

In John 7:37-38, Jesus said “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.”

Have you heard the Good News?

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