In the event of a crisis, most everyone with use the major highways to get away from the city, which will turn them into parking lots, and invite more crisis.

Have A Rugged 4×4 Vehicle To Navigate During A Crisis

To get away from the city and the crisis, you’ll most likely need to take backroads and may need to navigate off of roads, so you need a 4×4 Truck or SUV.

Options to look for on a 4×4 truck are a locking differential for tough muddy driving conditions; a power inverter to provide electricity.

Practice Different Escape Routes

If a crisis occurs in your city, 99% of people will try to leave the cities on freeways, which will become parking lots.

This means you need to be prepared to both get out of town ahead of the rush, and to use lightly-traveled back roads.

Have maps in your vehicle at all times, so that you don’t rely on GPS.



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