Self Sufficiency

To more you become self sufficient, the less susceptible you will be in a crisis.

Work to reduce and eliminate your dependence on the system for food, water, electricity, etc.

And work on strengthening your relationships with people in your community, so that collectively you can help each other.

Have a ready food supply from gardening, farming and connections to local farmers and ranchers.

Buy heirloom non-hybrid seeds while they are available. To buy organic non-hybrid seeds in bulk, click on Heirloom Organics

Have access to water from a well, spring, river or lake.

Have heat sources from pellet and wood burning stoves.

Invest in solar panels to provide electricity and heated water.

HomeWind brings the power of wind to your home with Home Wind Turbines

Get a tri-fuel backup power generator, that can run on gasoline, propane, or utility natural gas.

Redundancy is important, so that if one source stops, you have backup.

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