Strategic Relocation

It’s best to not live in a big city, because during a crisis, you’re exposed to many more dangers, such as rioting and looting, food shortages, etc.

Joel Skousen offers two books to help you relocate and built a safe home.

Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places offers an in-depth analysis of North America’s safest places to live.

The Secure Home helps you build a self-sufficient and highly-secure home, to protect you and your family.

Here’s a video with Joel Skousen being interview by Alex Jones about where to locate and how to prepare.

Here’s some notes from the video:

Being concealed is more important than having to confront people.  Well-meaning, good people who haven’t prepared will have to take to the streets and take action to provide for themselves and their family.

Refugees will flow out of the cities into the rural area up to 50 miles, so you want to be beyond their reach.

Be hidden on curved roads, instead of straight roads where people can easily travel and see.

Don’t be on a hill where people can see you for miles.

Utah and Idaho are two of his top recommended states, as they are far away from major cities, making them inaccessible to refugees, who can’t walk there and would run out of gas trying to get there.

Live beyond a mountain range from major cities, so that if there’s a nuclear strike or accident, you’re protected from it.

Joel also has a list of Recommended Equipment And Sources

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