Have Multiple Light Sources

We take for granted being able to flip a light switch, but a natural disaster or other crisis could leave you without power and light for days and weeks.

Light Tips To Apply Everyday For Optimal Health:

Compact fluorescent bulbs are bad for your health, as they produce radiation that has been linked with dizziness, migraine headaches, sleep abnormalities, fatigue, and other health defects.

If a CFL bulb breaks in your house, mercury is released, which is a neurotoxin that can damage the brain, liver, kidneys and central nervous system.

If you throw a CFL in the trash, it will break at the landfill and the mercury will be released into the environment and eventually our ground water.

You Should Always Have Light With You

Carry with you a 60-200 lumen small flashlight, with a quality clip to attach to the belt.

I like the SureFire E2D LED Defender Dual-Output Tactical Flashlight, because it has a quality clip to attach to the belt, and it’s bright-light can blind attackers and it can be used as a defense weapon.

Buy several 10 lumen led lights with ON or temp ON, with a rope to attach, so that you can put it around your neck.

Buy many LED keychain lights, so you always have a light source.

Buy a headlight with a redlight option(that doesn’t remove night vision), to be able to navigate in the dark without holding a flashlight, so your hands are free.

I like the SureFire Minimus Vision Variable-Output LED Headlamp, 75 Max Lumens.

Have Lights Ready For Emergencies

Have plenty of long-burn candles on hand.

Emergency Lighting is essential, such as LED flashlights, candles, matches, etc.  A cool option is the ‘Nightstar 4 Shake Flashlight’ which you simply shake for 30 seconds to get 20 minutes of light.  Or a dynamo-handle powered unit let’s you have light without batteries.

MagLite makes heavy-duty flashlights that provide powerful beams of light and can be used as a self-defense weapon.

Light Of The World

In John 8:12, Jesus said “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”

Have you heard the Good News?

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