Have A Go Bag Ready For Emergencies

A Go Bag contains all of the things you need if you have to leave your city quickly, so that you can survive and thrive during the first 72 hours of the crisis, which is when most people are woefully unprepared.

In a crisis situation, you won’t have time to gather all of the essential items to survive for the next 72 hours, so take time now to assemble a Go Bag to have handy all of the time.

I’ve provided active links to the products that I use and recommend.

Selecting a Go Bag

The bag should not be bright colored, rather it should blend into your background.  Olive drab or tan are great choices.

It shouldn’t be too big, so that it doesn’t snag on things.  It should be easy to maneuver and lightweight, so you can move quickly.

  • If it’s too big or heavy, you wont carry it with you.
  • If you buy a big bag, you will tend to want to fill it with more stuff.
  • It’s a balance between what you need and how much it weighs.

Have the bag with you at all times.  You don’t have to carry it, but have it in the car, since a natural disaster or rioting could happen anytime, and you may not be able to get home to get your bag.

What Should You Include In Your Go Bag?

It should focus on the essentials of regulating your body temperature, protection, tools, navigation tools, and sources of light, fire, water and food.

Redundancy is important with the critical things, such as light, knife and fire, because things break.  The motto is “Two is one.  One is none.”

Body Temperature Regulation

Your ability to stay warm is vital to your survival.

Choose wool over cotton, because even when it’s wet, it still insulates your body.  Wet cotton wicks body heat away, which is dangerous in cold weather.

100% merino wool is water-resistant, feels silky smooth, keeps you warm, wicks moisture, and resists odor.

Get a marino wool underwear set.  The Smartwool and Icebreaker brands are high quality.

Get a pair of alpaca wool, fingerless gloves, which let you work with your fingers while keeping your hands warm.

Get an alpaca wool hat with ear flaps.

Get a BUFF marina wool neck gator, which can be used as a bandana, it can be used to pull up over the face for warmth, and for disguise.  And when it’s hot, you can thermoregulate by dipping the wrap in water.

Buy some portable hot packs to prevent frostbite.

Protection And Survival Tools

Buy a quality Leatherman multitool with a can opener, saw blades, file, locking knife blade, measurements in inches/mm, scissors, etc.

I like the Leatherman Charge TTi Multitool with the Titanium Handle

You’ll need a small knife, such as a Spiderco which have pocket-clips and one-handed designs.  Make sure that the clip points the correct way, so that when you pull it out of your pocket and open it, the blade is pointing down.

Get a small knife sharpening stone, like the Spyderco (Double Stuff) Sharpening Pocket Stone, Fine and Medium Grits.

Get a full-tang, one-piece knife, with a quality sheath.  A big quality knife can be used for defense, as a hammer, to cut wood, you can hit it with wood to drive it through things.

This may not be legal in all places. A conceiled carry permit allows you to carry the large knife.

Units like the KA-BAR Becker Companion or BK2 Fixed 5.25″ Carbon Steel Blade Hunting Knife, have 1/4″ high-carbon steel, blackened to protect it.

Get a whistle to alert people far away, like the Ultimate Survival Jet Scream Whistle, Orange

Get some 550 cord (peacord), which can be used for a shoe lace emergency, to tie things down, to tie up the bottom of your pants, etc.  Tie in into a braid, so that it doesn’t tangle.

Get a little dry sack that you can put your wallet, cell phone, documents in, to keep them dry.

Navigating Tools

You’ll want to get a waterproof map case with a map of where you live.
Put a pen, marker and pencil in the map case.

You should determine a location for family and friends to meet at in a crisis.  This is especially important since mobile phones and the Internet may be down, so you may not be able to communicate with them.

In an emergency, everyone is thinking the same thing, I’m out of here, so the major exit roads will be jammed.

  • So you’ll want to plan several alternative ways to get out of the city to your predetermined meeting location.
  • Practice now.  Play games where you practice exiting at different parts of your city, to get to your predetermined meeting location.

Buy a quality Suunto compass that is accurate, durable, and allows adjustments to true North. Suunto MC-2 D/L Compass

Buy one that has a mirror on the back of the flip cover, that has measurements on the side to relate to maps, with a build-in Magnifier to see maps better, and a lanyard so it can hang around your neck.

To align your compass to true North, read this page about Compass Declination and print this declination map.

Light Sources

Carry with you a 60-200 lumen small flashlight, with a quality clip to attach to the belt.

I like the SureFire E2D LED Defender Dual-Output Tactical Flashlight, because it has a quality clip to attach to the belt, and it’s bright-light can blind attackers and it can be used as a defense weapon.

Buy several 10 lumen led lights with ON or temp ON, with a rope to attach, so that you can put it around your neck.

Buy a headlight with a redlight option(that doesn’t remove night vision), to be able to navigate in the dark without holding a flashlight, so your hands are free.

I like the SureFire Minimus Vision Variable-Output LED Headlamp, 75 Max Lumens.

Fire Sources

Carry two lighters

Carry a strong magnifying glass, in cause you need to start fires.

Water Source

Get a top-rated portable Katadyn water filter, which are used by the military and relief agencies worldwide, to create clean water from rivers, lakes, etc.

Katadyn Pocket Water FilterThe Katadyn Pocket Filter has long been regarded as the “BEST” portable water filter made in the world.

It’s great for a single person or family.

Food Sources

Dense calories are the most important thing to keep your body powered up.

Other Items for your Go Bag

Memory stick with your information, passport, exchange info with people

Buy a keychain tool with a little knife and LED flashlight, for redundancy.

Carry some iodine supplements in case of a nuclear accident/attack.

Carry a small roll of duct tape for repairs.

Carry a small nair care kit(clippers, tweezers, high-gauge needle to sew), acts as a first-aid kit, to remove splinters, cut, clip and snip.

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