Prepare For A Food Shortage Crisis

During the Great Depression, 46% of people were involved in the agriculture network, yet even then millions died of starvation.

Now only 1% of people are part of the agriculture network, and most people are congregated in highly dense cities, that depend on the very fragile food chain.

Any disruption to the food supply chain will cause store shelves to be cleared out in hours, so it’s very important that you have a plan to stock extra food.

Earthquakes, drought, fires, winter storms, a spike in fuel prices and financial crisis, cause shortages of food.

I believe the primary role of food storage products is to get you through the crisis, until you’re able to secure your food supply again; and to enhance your immune system during a time of stress.

So I’m not a big fan of MRE’s and dry mix preparedness long term food storage options, because they lack vital nutrients.

I’ve listed the products I use below, most of which are organic to give your body optimal nutrition.

And these are products that you should be using everyday anyway, so you’re not wasting money.  In fact, with rising food prices, you’re saving money by getting them now.

Food Storage Products To Get You Through The Crisis

The Natural News Store from Mike Adams carries the following products in a
#10 Can (click on the Storable Organics category)

Organic Food Storage Products From Mike Adams

  • Quinoa is a nutritious grain that includes amino acids.
  • Brown Rice for healthy source of carbohydrate energy.
  • Whole Wheat Penne pasta provides carbohydrate energy.
  • Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt is vital for your body.
  • Organic Palm Sugar
  • Boku Super Brown Rice Protein is hypoallergenic.

The Natural News Store also carries these health foods that are great for food storage:(to find the product, enter the product name in the Search Store box)

In a post-collapse environment, salt is extremely important.  Your blood is almost 1% salt.  Saline-solution IVs are given to patients.  Salt holds flood in your body.  You will use the salt anyway.  But you can’t find it anywhere if a crisis. Salt is a great barter item.

Use a high-quality sea salt. Himilayian pink salts are from ancient sea beds.

Put away gallons of olive oil, coconut oil. Plastics dissolve in oil, so use a quality container.

Peanut butter can be a great option.  Natural, fresh-ground, high-quality  is preferred.  It lasts a long time.

Raw honey is a nutritious sweetener, a great source of carbohydrates, that is very stable. I buy Ambrosia Honey Co. from my local health food store.

Sardines and anchovies last a long time. They are wild foods from the sea, and packed in quality oils.

You can get omega-3 from fish oil capsules.

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Products To Help Store Your Food

You need to protect your food storage from air, moisture and especially mice, which will chew through plastic bags and even plastic containers.

When using 5 gallon containers, use a GAMMA SEAL Lid to make accessing and closing the lid easier.

You should stock up on Oxygen Absorber packs, to put in your containers to keep moisture and mold out.

Put vegetables in your basement too keep them cooler.

Products To Help You Grow Your Own Food

Commercial farming is moving towards Genetically Modified seeds, but you want to buy heirloom seems while they are still available.

Buy heirloom non-hybrid seeds while they are available. To buy organic non-hybrid seeds in bulk, click on Heirloom Organics

Easygreen Sprouter EQMVEasyGreen Sprouter EQMV – This is the easiest and most user friendly sprouter that we have ever seen and it makes the best tasting and most nutritious sprouts.

Products To Help You Prepare Your Food

Best way to preserve fruits, garden veggies, meats, and more, is to dry them!

The Excalibur Dehydrator allows you to dry anything evenly and efficiently, without damaging valuable nutrients.  They’re reliable with proven technology.

Excalibur Deluxe Series BLACK Model 3900 Dehydrator
This is a 9-Tray food dehydrator that is great for families that love eating healthy! Comes with a Preserve It Naturally book and free shipping.

WonderMill Junior Deluxe Hand Operated Grain Mill
This grain mill has amazing features at a very reasonable price.  This is a necessity to process grains when there’s no electricity.

Insert Yourself Into The Food Providers Network

People typically buy all of their food from the grocery store, which depends on a long supply chain, that can stop during a crisis.

By getting to know your local farmers and ranchers, and buying products from them now, you establish those relationships, so that when a crisis hits, you have people to go to get food.

Buying from local farmers and ranchers supports your local economy, and you get fresher, more nutritious foods..

The Eat Wild website lists local natural ranchers @

Find local farmers where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies, @

Food Storage Tips

Without electricity, your food will go back quickly.  People in third-world countries use passive cooling techniques and Zeer pots

Learn how to can and pickle foods.

Food Preparation Tips

Soak grains overnight before you eat them to increase the nutrition of the grains, to release the phytic acid which binds to essential minerals.

Animals For Food

Raise chickens for eggs and meat.   They work the property and eat ticks and such.  Chicken waste is good for compost. And it’s legal to have chickens in many cities.

Learn fishing skills, what bait to use, where and when to fish.

Learn how to hunt and process wild animals.

Don’t be caught off-guard.  Prepare for the worst and pray for the best. 🙂

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