In the event of a crisis, you may lose electricity, mobile phone usage and Internet access, which will prevent you from communication with family and friends.

So take steps now to establish how you will communicate and connect during a crisis.

Establish A Place To Meet If All Communications Fail

When planning an escape plan, setup a primary and secondary place to meet, so that everyone know where to go.

Have Ways To Get Emergency News Reports

Katio KA 500 Ultra Solar Dynamo Survival RadioTo get emergency updates, you may not have electricity or batteries, so you need a radio that can be charged by cranking the dynamo handle
and by a solar panel.

I chose the Katio KA 500 Ultra Solar / Dynamo Powered Survival 5-Way Emergency Radio

Learn How To Operate An Amateur Radio

Mobile phones and the Internet may not operate in a crisis, which disconnects you from your family and from help.

Learn how to operate an amateur radio, to get information.

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