Prepare Now So That You’re Protected In A Crisis

Survival is about mindset first and foremost.  It’s about having skills. You can buy all of the prep gadgets, MRE’s, survival kits, etc., but it doesn’t matter if you’re not adaptable to use them in the changed environment.

Preparedness should give you confidence, not instill fear. Take precautions. Do all you can do.  And have peace without fear.

It seems daunting since most people are so far removed from nature, that we fear having to ‘survive’ off of nature.

We need to re-acclimate ourselves to communing with the land and what Earth gives us, to learn how to thrive.  You need to learn how to access the nutrition that’s all around you in nature.

You’re not just going to be able to flee the city and get established somewhere in the country or mountains.  You need to be implementing your plan and practicing your skills.

With proper training and practice, you will be miles ahead of the average person.



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