Prayer Empowers Your Faith During Tribulation

For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his soul?” Matthew 16:26

Applying the strategies on this website will help you be prepared to protect yourself and your family… but to have true hope for the future, you need to have a right relationship with your creator.

I am blessed that the Lord put a wonderful mentor in my life, to help me see the truth about the evil world system, to see the vast deception of Lucifer in the world and even in mainstream Christianity, and to see the hope that is in Jesus.

Texe Marrs unapologetically teaches the Words of truth from the Bible, and he will help you understand how Bible prophecy is being fulfilled in our generation.

Texe has two websites, Power Of Prophecy for prophecy study, and Bible Home Church for people who aren’t finding the Bible teaching they need at their local church.

The Power Of Prophecy website is at

Here’s a listing of the top recommended books, audios and videos:

Circle of Intrigue—The Hidden Inner Circle of the Global Illuminati Conspiracy exposes the Illuminati Inner Circle of Luciferians who are pushing us towards a New World Order.  This is a must read!

Conspiracy Of The Six-Pointed Star book has eye-opening revelations and forbidden knowledge about Israel, the Jews, Zionism, and the Rothchilds.

The Rapture Controversy – If you’ve been taught that Jesus will rapture you out of the world before the tribulation, you will be in for a shock as to what the Word of God says.

Who Are God’s Chosen People audio – Using the Scriptures as authority, Texe totally unmasks the false teaching now in vogue among mainstream evangelicals.

The Two Jerusalem’s audio – There’s an earthly Jerusalem for those who abide by the law; and a heavenly Jerusalem for those who believe in Jesus as Lord.

Tower Of Infamy DVD exposes the Illuminati, secret societies, Reverend Moon, and the buying and selling of televangelists and other famous-name Christian leaders.

The Bible Home Church is at

Here’s a link to his Bible studies series audios

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